Heating Camping Water with a Touch of a Button
What if you had the luxury of enjoying hot pressurized shower whenever you were camping in the
outdoor.? The Hotbox is a heat exchanger-based system that takes advantage of the constantly
wasted thermal energy produced by your vehicle’s engine. Heating camping water has always
been a challenge. Systems that use propane gas are bulky and requires you hauling pressurized
flammable gas around and – always needed to replenish the gas canisters. Solar based systems
can only heat your water during the day and when the sun is shining. Now with HotBox, you can
get instant and easy access to free hot water anywhere you go and for life.
HotBox uses are endless: you can use it to wash your equipment, dishes, car, take a hot shower,
fill outdoor water tanks with hot water, etc.

Hotbox features:
– Control function via mobile phone app.
– Control the temperature and know the amount of hot water remaining in the tank.The device size is small and easy to install.
– It supports both tank and tankless system. It can draw water from any running system to fill your onboard water tank or any outer tank
– that you wish to fill and heat.
– All its accessories are provided with in the device package for installation in various any
types of cars.

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