The minimum roof area required for fitting warif is 1.2meter (Width) x 2 meter (Length). If your car has this size roof area, warif will fit.

Note: Minimum vehicle height should be 1.8 meter from ground level to the roof line.

Although our items are simple to install at home, we advise having a licensed dealer do the job. Always follow the directions and be aware that Warif does not include all of the installation tools. Please seek assistance from your local dealer and consult the instructions if you are having any problems installing a product.

Depends on the car roof size. For confirmation, Please visit the local dealership or contact customer service at +968 91365105

Depends on the car type. Some long wheelbase car’s sunroof is possible to access. In smaller wheel base car, sunroof can be opened but it will be covered under the warif assembly.

Warif’s own weight is 70kg. The mounting brackets weight varies with car type. The roof rack load carrying capacity is 50kg.

Please consult with nearest dealer to identify the source of the noise. Once source is identified, consultant will advise best possible course of action.

Warif can be clean with normal soap water and spray (same method as car cleaning).

Yes, It is possible to get spare parts from either dealership or by contacting at customer service number.

The hotbox V2 supports 4 modes (fill tank, heat, shower, and external tank) on the other hand hotbox mini allows you to use 2 modes only (heat and shower)

Yes, the hotbox is suitable for all RVs and SUVs.

Ther hotbox can easily be controlled using your phone or the attached manual switch to control main functions

Yes, you can set the desired temperature through your phone using the hotbox app

The hotbox can be used with any size of tank you provide however bear in mind that it will take more time to heat for bigger tank size.

Yes, you can, and we provide an installation manual to help you install it step by step and if you need more help you call the support

Yes, the hotbox comes with all the accessories you need to use it as well as some spare parts. The customer only provides the tank and any extra custom material required for installation

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