HOTBOX – An Efficient Car Heat Exchanger


We, Aphcarios Engineering Solutions are pleased to announce the development of this innovative product. The HotBox is a Heat Exchanger based electronically controlled system for heating camping water in SUVs and RVs. This compact, intelligent and fully automatic system is App controlled.

Heating water outdoors have always been a challenge, as heating water requires a lot of energy. Traditionally there has been several ways to accomplish this task, all with significant drawbacks. Gas based systems, for instance, are bulky taking up precious space and require constant replenishment. Electrical systems are almost nonstarter as it takes very long time and strains the 12 volts electric system. Solar systems only work during the day and not when the campers most need them while camping at night or early morning before resuming the trip. 

On the other hand , heat exchange-based system that draws the heating energy from the car cooling system is very fast , compact, available any time and GREEN as it utilizes wasted engine heat. However, the systems available in the market are either from hobbyist DIY or at best a collection of heat exchanger hardware and fittings offered by some vendors. The HotBox was development over 1.5 years of R&D and prototyping and vigorous testing. The result is a complete plug and play solution that is feature rich and offer heated water for life with a press of a button.  Since its launch in 2020 , the product became camper’s favorite gadget.

The system, first and to date the only one of its kind in the world, is patent protected.

  • Compact design that can fit in the tiniest space well-hidden and sparing precious space in what is usually cramped overlander rig.
  • A versatile system can heat on board water tanks , external water tanks and on demand heating all within a very attractive mobile app interface.
  • Bluetooth control via mobile App in addition to physical buttons.
  • Precise temperature control and maintenance.
  • Very fast heating process (50 ltrs of water can be heated from 20 deg to 40 deg in under 7 minutes).
  • Intelligent logic that can determines the amount of water remaining in any tank (without installing any sensors inside the tank).

Why HOTBOX is innovative?

  • The device solved a big and real life problem.
  • It is innovative, feature rich and elegant design in form and function.
  • It is GREEN , utilizes the free and wasted engine heat.
  • A complete plug and play solution with all the accessories , very affordable within the reach of any off-roader or camper.
  • Having a pressurized hot shower after a long day off roading is priceless.