How Aphcarios Engineering is Revolutionizing the Outdoor and Off-Road Markets with its Innovative Products

Aphcarios Engineering

Introduction to Aphcarios Engineering Solutions

At Aphcarios Engineering, we believe that innovation is key to success in any industry. We are proud to have 5 world-first products, with 3 already being commercialized. Our products range from automatic awnings with an integrated roof rack, to smart water heaters and revolutionary CTIS. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at our innovative products and the potential they hold for the outdoor and off-road markets.

WARIF: The world’s first automatic awning with an integrated roof rack. This game-changing product is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who value both comfort and versatility. WARIF combines the convenience of an automatic awning with the functionality of a roof rack, making it a must-have for campers and off-roaders.

HOTBOX V2: A sleek and modern smart water heater that utilizes lost heat from engines to heat water. This innovative and eco-friendly solution is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts that need hot water. HOTBOX V2 is a reliable and sustainable option for campers and off-roaders, making it a game-changer in the market.

HOTBOX mini: A compact and versatile version of the smart water heater that utilizes lost heat from engines to heat water. For those with limited space, HOTBOX mini is the perfect solution. This compact and portable version of our smart water heater utilizes the same technology as HOTBOX V2, making it an efficient and eco-friendly option for hot water needs while on-the-go outdoor enthusiasts.

CTIS system: A revolutionary CTIS that doesn’t use a pressure regulator. This world-first CTIS system is changing the way industries operate. With its advanced technology, it provides efficient and reliable performance, increasing productivity and safety for all users.

Training Facility: At Aphcarios Engineering, we believe in investing in our future. That’s why we offer exceptional training in mechanical and electrical engineering, and as a part of our CSR policy, we not only train our students but pay them while they learn. Our state-of-the-art training facility features workshops where students can gain hands-on experience, preparing them for successful careers in the industry.


At Aphcarios Engineering, we are passionate about creating products that enhance the outdoor and off-road experience. Our innovative products, combined with our commitment to sustainability and training the next generation of engineers, puts us at the forefront of the outdoor and off-road markets. We look forward to introducing new and exciting products that will continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the industry.