WARIF – The Best Revolutionary Product for Camping in Winter


Aphcarios has come-up with a new solution called Warif for camping lovers who want to upgrade his SUV car setup, it is a step forward to a better experience, easy and time saver product. We spent four years developing a fully cantilevered, motorized awning, remotely controlled that opens and retracts within 20 seconds and able to withstand wind speed of 50km/h.

WARIF is the world’s first product that combines a roof rack and an automatic electrical awning designed in one sleek and ergonomic unit. To make life easier, Aphcarios added manual switches to control the awning in case of misplacing the remote control.

The roof rack part of the product was developed from finest material offering durability to carry 100 kg of load in hash dynamic conditions. The combined system is only 80mm in thickness and it’s aerodynamic design resulted in no wind noise even when driving at high motorway speed.

  • The concept of WARIF is set to revolutionize the user experience and paves the way to a whole new segment in the off-road and outdoor market.
  • The motorized compact design integrates two products in to one.
  • Freestanding design that can withstand wind speed of 50km/h.
  • Unlike the 270 degree product, where bulky weight is on one side of the car, WARIF deigned with even load distribution , thus greatly enhancing handling safety on the high way and at side slopes on the mountains or dunes.
  • Power outlets as a source for auxiliary electrical accessories such as LEDs and action camera that requires continues power for long trips.
  • Solved the challenge of sliding mechanism operating in sandy desert environment.

Salient features of WARIF:

  • The awning is freestanding (No ropes or Poles) design, wind speed test passed 50 km/hr.
  • Designed to eliminate wind noise at highway driving speed.
  • Wireless controlled & Bottons controlled.
  • Suitable for most SUVs in the market.
  • Aluminium frame construction with powder-coated body.
  • Loading space with a capacity up to 100 kg.
  • Shaded area of 5 sqm.
  • Designed to withstand harsh off-roading environment.
  • Water & Sand ingress proof.
  • Auxiliary electric power outlet.
  • Built-in design that conceals the awning fully inside the roof rack.
  • Built-in LED.
  • Motorized device offers a luxury experience to users.
  • Fast opening makes convenience to short stops (Anytime, Anywhere).
  • Opens and closes with a push of button allows single person operation, (Example: a mother & young child on a picnic).
  • Safety & Convenience, no more poles that can be thrown around by the wind hurting people and damaging cars.
  • Fast deployment makes it suitable for patrols to leave the post very quickly incase of emergency.

You can reach out to our team at +968 91365105 or send an email at info@aphcarios.com.