Aphcarios Engineering Solutions is a design studio that focuses on development of new and innovative electro mechanical projects. We take our ideas through the product development process until the last pre-production phase. Our products cuts across various sectors

Concept & Idea




For Real Problems

At Aphcarios we believe in solving real problems and not work on something that looks for a problem to solve. Most of our ideas has roots in our hobbies and personal interests. Yes , we work hard and play hard.

If you have an idea that solves a real problem , drop by for a coffee !.

It Takes One
To Make One

we use cool tools to design our cool products. From the modern Fusion 360 software to design our products , a tool that served our collaborative work culture very well, to the online Teambition project management system that enabled collaborating in-house and with our freelancer designer and souring engineers abroad. We also utilised the amazing versatility of 3D printing for our rapid prototyping needs. In fact , we are rolling out a new product that utilises  specifically designed 3D printed components for our mass produced units.. Exiting times of the 4th industrial revolution

Latest Product

Hot Box

What if you had the luxury of enjoying hot pressurized water whenever you are outdoors for camping? The HOTBOX makes use of the continuously wasted heat energy produced by your vehicle’s engine to provide you with the comfort of hot pressurized water on your travels. With HOTBOX you can have instant and easy access to hot water wherever you go.

HOTBOX applications are countless: you can use it to wash your equipment/dishes, clean off dirty gear, washing your vehicle, have a hot shower in cold environments, fill up external water tanks with hot water etc.

Hot Box

We convert ideas into workable solutions