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What is Fey Product? 

AUTOSHADE – 50 is a unique combination that solves many problems for adventurers and travelers. It’s
a combination of roof rack made of tough Aluminum Anti-Rust crafted to meet exactly your needs and
Awning that supplies you with the desired shade no matter where you’re.
A lot of adventurers nowadays are using the manual awning for there cars, with an odd design that
mostly ruins the beauty of the vehicle, while AUTOSHADE – 50 solved this problem. A compact design
that hides the awning fully inside the roof rack so, customers are satisfied regarding the exterior design
of their vehicles, with AUTOSHADE – 50 NEVER give up your car’s beauty.

What’s new in this product؟

AUTOSHADE – 50 is the first of kind that combines the technology with roof racks and awnings, for the
first time ever a cantilever awning controlled remotely to open and retracts within 20 seconds. The
device is not representing an easier concept for the same idea, it also offers a new market for itself since
its easier for the ladies than the manual ones. Aphcarios went the extra mile for the convenience, with
manual switches to control the awning in case of misplacing the remote control or leaving it home.

Adventurers know how hard it is to open manual awnings in the trip, especially if its windy. 

 the device is equipped with LED light to guide you in the darkest adventures and outings.

One of the biggest fears for SUV owners while installing a roof rack or awning, the wind noise.
Unfortunately, most of the roof racks and awnings available in the market is not only ruining the
vehicle’s exterior, but also causing noise at certain speeds, increasing the fuel consumption.