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Enjoy a lifelong of hot pressurized water with the touch of a button

Hot Box

Hot Box

What if you had the luxury of enjoying hot pressurized water whenever you are outdoors? The Hot Box makes use of the continuously wasted heat energy produced by your vehicle’s engine to provide you with the comfort of hot pressurized water on your travels. With Hot Box you can have instant and easy access to hot water wherever you go.

Hot Box applications are countless: you can use it to wash your equipment/dishes, clean off dirty gear, washing your vehicle, have a hot shower in cold environments, fill up external water tanks with hot water etc.

Hot Box works by utilizing the immense heat generated by a vehicle’s engine, that otherwise goes to waste, to heat water that is stored in a tank in just a few minutes without interfering with the vehicle’s cooling system.

  • Hot water within minutes from Hot Box, using the heat from your car engine anytime and anywhere.
  • your perfect pressurized hot shower while camping in the wilderness.
  • High pressure allows you to wash your car or cooking wear.
  • Wireless technology, control the functions via smart app.
  • Set the desired temperature and thy system will automatically maintain it.
  • intelligent system that determines amount of water remaining in any onboard tank.
  • Designed to work with onboard tank, external tank or pick up water from a running stream.
  • Hot Box has a complete set of accessories to fit any car