Hotbox Mini


 Specification and features:

  • Size: 20cm x 20cm x 8cm (9.8 x 8 x 4) inches
  • Weight: 3 kg (6.6 lbs)
  • Modes:
  • Shower, heating

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What is in the box? 

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Component Name Description Quantity (pcs) Dimension (mm) Photo
HotBox Device The main unit 1 pc 270 x 220 x 111  



3 position switch with panel type data connector Manual controller 1 pc
panel type data connector with cable for power Installed with HotBox Device 1 pc
Plate Heat Exchanger With ½ G Thread 1 pc 196 x 85 x 42
Bracket to install heat exchanger For fixing heat exchanger 1 pc
Straight male-male 1/2 G thread For heat exchanger


2 pcs
Elbow female-male 1/2 G thread For heat exchanger 2 pcs
Barbed Fitting with 1/2 G female thread For heat exchanger (Radiator pipe fit within it) 2 pcs
Radiator pipe 1 meter
PU tube 12 mm For connect the HotBox device with Heat Exchanger, Tank, and Outer Port 15 meters
Elbow 12 mm quick connection – 1/2 G male thread 2 pcs
Straight 12 mm quick connection – 1/2 G male thread 4 pcs
Metal bracket with 2 holes Can be replaced with Outer port 1 pc
1/2 G male-female long connection 1 1
Jam Nut 1 1
White Tap with 1/2 G thread 1 pc
Water Spry Gun with male adapter connector 1 pc
High pressure Garden Hose with female adapter connector 1 pc
Plastic garden male quick adapter connector Spare part 1 pc
Plastic garden female quick adapter connector 1 pcs
Inbetweener filter Installing between the Outer Port and water inlet of HotBox 1 pc



Installation instruction for Hotbox

Installation instruction for Hotbox:

Aphcarios company provides the service of installing the device which we recommend as the process needs expertise. Please notice that any damage caused by misuse and faulty installation falls on the responsibility of the user.


  1. Choose a suitable place to install the Heat Exchanger

Notice that the place should not be prone to shocks, sand -when going out for camping-, away from the tires, and have enough space to be mounted by the bracket.

  1. Choose a suitable place for the hotbox inside the car.
  2. Choose a place for the outlets of the hotbox either by cutting the body of the car or use the bracket to install it.
  3. Choose the position for manual switch – if desired –


  1. Use the bracket to mount the heat exchanger to the body of the car
  2. change the radiator pipes of the car with the radiator pipes coming in the hotbox kit. Connect them as shown below.
  3. Connect the pipes between the heat exchanger and the hotbox in a way so it’s not exposed to heat and away from tires. Inside the car it’s preferred to have the pipes under the car mat.
  4. Connect the Hotbox power connector to the car battery / external battery.
  5. Mount the Hotbox Outlets
  6. Mount the manual switch


  1. Turn the car ON to test if there is any leakage in the heat exchanger and its connection
  2.  Turn On the hotbox to make sure no leakage is there in the pipes,
  3. Test all the functions of the Hotbox using both the app and the manual switch
  4. Before moving the car make sure all the parts are well mounted and steady.


****For the assembly we can add the steps of installation on one car model as an example and to make it easier to follow up****

Safety & Hazards

  1. Before installing the hotbox, make sure the car is not hot
  2. if you have to raise the car for installation, make sure it’s in P and it’s secured
  3. During installation wear safety equipment (glasses- mask-anti heat gloves)
  4. When testing the leakage and the heating make sure there is good ventilation to prevent suffocation from engine gas.


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