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The HotBox mini is a pressurized water heater system (Patent) used while camping or being in the outdoors. The device uses the heat generated by the car engine to quickly heat the onboard water tank for shower and general use. The device uses an IOS/Android apps to control all the function and monitor the remaining water level in the tank. Physical buttons are also available to control the main functions.


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Specifications and Features

Hotbox mini is ​​a heat exchanger-based system for heating camping water in SUVs and RVs. Powerful, self-priming pump capable of producing 8 L/m pressure and 120 psi. Complex solenoid valve arrangement that allows multi-mode operation. They can be installed on any system with an internal combustion engine and water cooling, including SUVs, wagons, trucks, boats, etc.

Conserving the environment and energy:

The hotbox works by utilizing the tremendous heat generated by the vehicle’s engine, which is eliminated to heat the water stored in a tank in just a few minutes without interfering with the vehicle’s cooling system. For example, it takes just 7 minutes to heat 13 gallons (50 liters) of water from 20-50°C (59°F to 122°F).


Wireless technology, control all functions via smart APP. set the desired temperature and the system will maintain it automatically. An intelligent system that determines the amount of water remaining in any tank on board. Hot Box mini has a full range of accessories to fit any vehicle. This patented system is CE certified and comes with a one-year warranty.

Usage methods:

You can use it to wash equipment/dishes, clean dirty equipment, wash your car, and take a hot shower in cold environments. A quick installation guide is included in the app. The firmware supports an over-the-air update protocol, which means that your device will always be updated with any future update.


Intelligent system that gives a warning in the event of a dry run or detects a low voltage (to prevent battery drain). The maximum temperature is programmed to 60°C (140°F) to prevent any injuries.

Small size:

  • Size: 20cm x 20cm x 8cm (9.8 x 8 x 4) inches
  • Weight: 3 kg (6.6 lbs)
  • Heat exchanger size: 20cm x 9cm x 5cm (7.8 x 3.5 x 2 inches).
  • Full shipping weight including all accessories is 8 kg (17 lbs).
  • The suction head is about 2 meters (6.5 feet) and the maximum vacuum pressure is 140 psi.
  • Average power consumption is 35 watts (3 amps @ 12 volts), max power is 85 watts (7 amps drop @ 12 volts).

Main Features

  • Powerful, self-propelled pump capable of producing a pressure of 8 L/m and 120 psi.
  • Complex solenoid valve arrangement allowing multi-mode operation.
  • Accurate temperature adjustment and maintenance of the tanks on board set the desired temperature and the system will maintain it automatically.
  • An intelligent system that determines the water level in any tank on the vehicle.
  • The intelligent system warns when low voltage is detected (to prevent battery drain)
  • Hot water within minutes of a hotbox, using your car’s engine heat anytime, anywhere.

Additional information

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