WARIF is the first of the kind that combines the technology with roof racks and awnings, for the first time ever a cantilevered awning and controlled remotely to open and retracts within 20 seconds. It offers a new market for itself. Aphcarios went the extra mile for convenience, with manual switches to control the awning in case of misplacing the remote control.

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Chevrolet glb top
Ford bronco
Ford glb top
Land over GLB top
Nissan GLB with Top
Range Rover GLB TOP


2 reviews for Warif

  1. خليفة السعدي

    منتج ولا اروع , ركبته قبل شهرين فقط ولحد اللحين كل شي شغال تمام
    كذلك انسيابي يعني حتى على سرعة 140 ما تسمع اي ضجيج عكس مظلة 270 لي كنت مركبنها قبل
    fantastic product , welldone guys at Aphcarios. Been using it for 2 months now, so easy to use , just press a buton and get your awnaing out within 20 seconds. Also when leaving the picnic, just press and go .

  2. Essa M.

    Amazing product ..

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